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Tink Concept

Our aim is to raise individuals with high life success

We are living in a world of change and transformation. Everything from our lifestyles to our ways of doing business is changing and digitalizing. Therefore, we have an increasing need for generations who can surf these waves of change and transformation. We founded Tink, Turkey’s first technology college, with the aim of training technologically literate entrepreneurs who will be able to effectively integrate technology into their lives and their future business. Our graduates will have acquired the competencies and skills to integrate technology into their work and to create technology solutions for improving their jobs regardless of whether they become doctors, painters, engineers or designers.




TinkSmart is a personalized online education platform of Tink. We learn about our studets’ personal competencies on this platform before they start their education. Afterwards, we devise a program in accordance with the student’s competencies and priorities. With flipped education, we provide our students with off-campus access to the subject they need to study while we prioritize applied training in the classroom.

Through the platform, our students, as well their teachers and, upon request, their parents, can track their performance in their courses, see what they need to do to meet their targets, and follow up on their individual progress. Thus, TinkSmart helps students focus on their areas of improvement while reinforcing their strengths and prepares them for their future steps.


Our 15-minute regular trainings on Mondays help our students focus on what is happening right now with a more open, balanced and curious approach, raise their awareness by teaching them how to control their thoughts and feelings, improve their empathy skills and manage their stress.


Every week, as part of our TinkTalks event, we host prominent figures from the arts, sports, philosophy and business world at our school. During the hourly event, TinkTalks guests talk about their experiences and share their knowledge. With this event, our students have the opportunity to increase their knowledge about their areas of interest while they are still in the planning phase for their future.


Our art program, named TinkArt helps students couple their artistic perspectives with technology to create unique works. With the opportunity to exhibit their works at our school, students can improve their social competencies and experience the end-to-end creative production process.


We design and implement ways through which we can integrate sports into our lives for improvement.


Created with the goal of instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship in younger generations, our TinkUp program provides lessons on entrepreneurship and brings together our students and our business partners. Thus, our students can become a part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Moreover, as part of the Entrepreneur Week, we provide our students with the opportunity to exchange ideas with entrepreneurs from universities.


We support the intellectual development of our students with our clubs. 3D Design, Digital, Media, Drama, e-Sports, Futurism, JMUN/MUN (Model United Nations), Leadership and Debate, Robotics, Arts, Chess, Sports.


LIFE at Tink


Our 165-seat cafeteria serves a balanced diet to meet the nutrition needs of our students.

Tink Cafe

Serving during regular breaks as well as the lunch break, our Tink Cafe offers foods and beverages that support a healthy lifestyle. Since cash Tink Cafe does not accept cash, students instead use “manibuxes” provided by our school.


Our infirmary is open throughout the day to respond immediately to any health-related problems of our students. Our school nurse is responsible for taking necessary precautions against health problems. The rules for the infirmary are set out by the administration:

  • With the exception of emergencies, students may only visit the infirmary during breaks. Students should not be late to class after an infirmary visit.
  • Infirmary visits must be reported to the teacher and approved by the vice-principal.
  • Following the student’s visit, nurses prepare an infirmary report to be submitted to the vice-principal.


To ensure a safe learning environment at Tink, our security personnel are responsible for protecting our students, employees and guests. All entries and exits are monitored and controlled by security. The school premises feature 24/7 video surveillance and recording systems.

School Shuttle

School shuttle services are provided by Öz Ata Turizm Servis Organizasyon. The administration has set out rules for school buses to ensure safe and organized transportation for students: Students are expected to board the shuttles on time and fasten their seat belts. Shuttles do not wait for students who are late, as it would delay both their arrival at school as well as the pick-up of the next question on the route.

TinkCard - ManiBux

Tinkcard - Manibux can be used:

  • as an ID card for entering and leaving the school premises,
  • for purchases at the cafeteria and the stationer,
  • for photocopying documents,
  • to take advantage of exclusive offers by our business partners.

Our Principals

To always do our best

To improve our faculties to learn better

To respect social, cultural and religious diversity

To use obstacles as an opportunity to learn

To respect other's rights and the school culture

To hear and value different opinions

To be in positive interaction with each other

To use resources responsibly


Corporate Business Partners

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