Erasmus - Renews Media Literacy Project

Renews Media Literacy, one of the Erasmus projects we are involved in as TINK, became one of the most exciting projects we started working on in September 2020.

After the Media Literacy Training, which our project coordinator teachers received in the first place, our teachers, who are included in the team, transferred their experiences and knowledge to our school teachers and made them Media Literacy Trainers.

The next event in the project was the first Student Media Literacy Workshop, which was offered to our students remotely in June due to the Covid 19 measures.

Thanks to the pace of vaccination that accelerated after the summer vacation, we held our second Student Media Literacy Workshop, which we are responsible for in the project, at the beginning of November, this time face to face, with greater efficiency and pleasure.
When the calendars showed November 11, we realized our Media Literacy Dissemination Event, which was included in the Renews project and we completed the preparations with great excitement.
Within the scope of this event, our Media Literacy Trainer teachers included in the project provided Media Literacy training to the teachers and students we hosted from other schools, while experts in their fields shared their valuable professional views and experiences with us.

Participant Feedback

I think that the Media Literacy Dissemination Event at TINK, of which I am a part, will have a great positive impact on our education and social life. Özbey Doğa Karslıoğlu- Founder, Navras Academy

In today's media, where information is reached very quickly, educated media literates will be the individuals that society needs. This Dissemination Training also represents an important pillar of this mission. Levent Pekcan – Founder and Chief Editor, Tekno Seyir